Monday, October 21, 2013

RhinoProto - The Rhino / DeskProto combination

RhinoProto: The integration of Rhino CAD and DeskProto CAM makes the process easier.

An exceptional value for your money can be obtained by combining the Rhino CAD software and the DeskProto CAM software. Rhino is a well known 3D CAD program offering NURBS modeling for Windows. The program matches well with DeskProto, as both programs share the same ideas about ease-of-use and low cost.

Note that DeskProto can be combined with any 3D CAD program, as all these programs offer STL export. Rhino is the only program offering this easy integration though.

For many DeskProto users Rhino will be interesting as companion software with their current CAD system. DeskPro makes prototyping easy and affordable. Many CAM packages are available: DeskProto differs as it has been created for designers instead of for mold makers. Only those parameters are available that are absolutely needed for prototyping, so the number of choices is limited and the software is easy to learn.

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Anonymous said...

The alternative isn't just RhinoCAM but also MadCAM which has none of the fancy extra interface since it uses Rhino layers to organize toolpaths that you can then manipulate as Rhino objects. MadCam was able to do in minutes what RhinoCAM bogged down in when I started using corner rounding tools that were not as simple of geometry as end mills and it's much faster for very fine stepover parallel finishing too. It does so far lack the ability to export simulated results as model, though.