Saturday, June 8, 2013

Orca3D 1.3 released

Leveraging the power of Rhino for the naval architect

DRS Technologies, Inc. announces the release of Version 1.3 of Orca3D. This version has been through a number of Work-in-Progress (WIP) releases, that allowed feedback and suggestions from many Orca3D users.

Some important points to know about Version 1.3:
  • This is a free update to licensed users and, as a full release, will not expire.
  • Any Orca3D information in a Rhino file that is saved with this new version will not be readable in version 1.2.4 or earlier versions. No native Rhino model information will be lost, but Orca3D information, such as section locations, weight/cost information, etc. will not be found by earlier versions of Orca3D. Since this is a free update for licensed users, we recommend that version 1.3 be used to avoid this issue.
  • This is expected to be the last version of Orca3D that is compatible with Rhino 4. All future updates, WIPs, and upgrades will require Rhino 5.
  • In the event that a critical bug or other significant issue is discovered in version 1.3, there may be a 1.3 Service Release that is compatible with Rhino 4.
  • Some new features which are still in development are not included in Version 1.3 (Stability Criteria Evaluation, Longitudinal Strength).
  • A new WIP (1.4) will be released soon, which will include Stability Criteria Evaluation, Longitudinal Strength, and more.
  • Version 1.3 includes both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the standalone and network license versions.
 Version 1.3 highlights include:
  • 64-bit network license version now available.
  • Option to have real-time sections computed from the mesh (as in previous versions) or from the surface (previous versions were computed from the surface only after the control point editing was finished). Rhino 5 has improved the speed of this computation to the point where it is practical to use sections that are computed from the surface during real-time editing.
  • Better licensing compatibility with Windows 8.
  • Inclusion of short tons in the available options for Weight and Force custom units.

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