Thursday, December 5, 2019

Jevero - Footwear patterns in Rhino

Jevero is a plugin for Rhino 5 and 6 that enables pattern engineers to create shoe patterns fast and efficiently, expanding Rhino with a new set of entities and functionalities.

The plugin acts as the link connecting the designer’s work to the production of a shoe:

  • Import a great variety of files, including Autodesk Crispin
  • Create all the necessary entities for shoe production: notches, markers, margins, boundaries
  • Develop all the different sizes with the grading functionalities, share and export grading data
  • Export to a great variety of cutting tables, in their proprietary files, creating the most fitting configuration for your table
  • Calculate costs and efficiency of the patterns, with reporting and cost calculation functions
  • Generate reports for customs clearance and efficiency reports
With Jevero sitting on the shoulder of Rhino, the pattern engineer will be able to access all the information about the shoe inside one single file, which will contain 3D and 2D data, making it easier to share information and reducing compatibility issues.

Jevero aims at the most streamlined and efficient workflow for shoe production, shortening time to market, and making the transition from design to production-ready models smoother and faster.

Visit and ask for an eval version!

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