Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Robotic Construction V1.0 workshop by DataForm Lab - London (UK)

Plexal, Here East, London UK
February 15 and 22, 2020

Aiming to demystify industrial robotics for construction, DataForm Lab is organizing the first of an upcoming series of workshops on robotic construction to bring professionals in the AEC industry closer to advanced fabrication technologies. 

During Robotic Construction V1.0, participants will be taught a fully digital workflow from form generation of a complex facade to the parametric control of the robot and the fabrication of the individual components. Robotic hot wire cutting will be used as the fabrication method, and the constraints and possibilities of the process will be investigated to demonstrate the key relationships inherent to material, process, and form. The workshop will be structured as two days of intensive teaching and robotic fabrication, complemented by a professional development evening event and a public presentation and networking event.

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