Thursday, December 19, 2019

Free Software by Design-to-Production

After developing software in-house for 12 years, Design-to-Production decided to give some of it away! To please developers and the general public alike, you can find two of our tools on food4Rhino – and there is more to come!

Clipping Box

Have you ever wanted to view only a specific part of your model? Rhino has a Clipping Plane, but what if this is not enough? Clipping Box allows to draw a box and clip the model along its bounds.

Code Listener

It is no secret that Rhino’s internal Python Editor is less powerful than the mighty RhinoCommon API. What if you could use Visual Studio Code and still run your Python code in a Rhino instance? Code Listener opens a link between Visual Studio Code and Rhino.

About Design-to-Production

Design-to-Production is a consultancy for digital planning and building processes. Along with planning and coordination services for BIM and digital fabrication, they offer tailormade software tools for planning, fabrication, and productivity – from Rhino plugins to web apps and standalone software.

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