Thursday, December 19, 2019

Two new projects by Sterling Presser | architects-engineers

Sterling Presser | architects-engineers have been kind enough to share with the community their two latest projects, where Rhino was a critical tool for the geometry creation and fabrication:

Theatre entrance footbridge, Taiyuan, China
The Flowing Bridge

The Flowing Bridge is a unique infrastructure project designed as an entrance to an inner and outdoor theatre and as a strategic connection to the whole park. The bridge creates a landmark architecture and provides qualitative access to the performance. It is conceived as an invitation to the arts. And the whole composition is a sequence. 

Starting with the indirect path to the theatre, one discovers the water feature. The gentle curves harmonize with the landscape design and the theatre seating geometry.

The balustrades, as well, are a specific feature creating a visual and special effect. The surface is designed to be visually abstract using a moiré effect, which underlines the curved concept and provides surface effects that play with the natural light. It is realized by shifting two grids parametrically while still keeping the codes requirement with a minimum 110 mm between elements for safety. 

Outdoor theatre (3000 seats), Taiyuan, China

The Outdoor theatre in Taiyuan Park is designed within a wider vision along the main river and the surrounding landscape. It creates a point of focus for 3000 participants in outdoor performance within a natural landscape. The theatre within the landscape aims for a cultural heritage and a landmark along the river. The Theatre brings public together. The project creates a continuous flow and a unique centralized composition. It is like a ribbon weaving up and down along the elliptic profile and creating space for the program underneath and a slope for the seating area. The entrances are formed through intermediate low points between the leaves as an articulated point. The continuous ribbon anticipates and envisions the inner theatre along the river.

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