Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Using Conveyor to streamline Rhino into Revit

As an architect or builder, often you must use a variety of software platforms to complete your design.

Two common tools used are Rhino 6 and Revit. Rhino 6 for geometry and computational design. Revit for building information modeling.

To connect these together, Nathan Miller and Proving Ground have created Conveyor, a custom software development kit (SDK) for creating direct connections between Rhino and Revit. This SDK enables these tools to directly connect for intelligent digital workflows with minimal overhead.

Use Conveyor to:
  • Connect Rhino 6 and Revit without the need for intermediary software.
  • Translate Rhino 6 data and geometry into true BIM elements with Revit.
  • Coordinate changing data and geometry across Rhino 6 and Revit.
  • Import complex meshes as useful elements for Revit production.

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