Friday, December 13, 2019

MDL-IES Materials inside Iray for Rhino

Is adding lighting to your interior Rhino scenes difficult and time-consuming, resulting in the need for endless scene adjustments? Especially if you need to produce visual output quickly and also provide precise lighting system detail as part of the documentation requirements?

Then using Rhino and the Iray for Rhino plug-n could be the solution you are looking for, with the introduction of MDL-IES material based light sources where:

  • Real-world light fittings become much simpler to work with.
  • Light sources can be accurately assigned any surface or shape element.
  • The creation of Rhino block light fitting libraries is streamlined.
These features significantly simplify the setup and installation of accurate real-world lighting systems, not only for lighting designers but also for interior and retail designers, architecture groups, and the many other building industry sectors who all need to produce accurate photoreal visuals, along with installation detail for the project documentation system.

For much more information on these features and real-world examples of the output type created, check out these videos:

  1. Introducing MDL-IES Materials inside Iray for Rhino 
  2. MDL-IES Materials and a Retail Store Project:
  3. MDL-IES Materials and a Harbour Front Development

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