Friday, June 25, 2010

Fabrication Laboratory exhibition & workshops, Barcelona

Fabrication Laboratory
Disseny HUB Barcelona (DHUB)
15.06.2010 - 29.05.2011

New scenarios in 3D design and production

Fabrication Laboratory, being organised by the DHUB, consists of not one but a series of activities (exhibitions, real-time fabrication laboratories, workshops, lectures, etc.) that offer a comprehensive overview of 3D digital manufacturing technologies, a new reality in constant evolution that is producing a fundamental transformation of design and production processes.

The exhibition format of the Fabrication Laboratory is an open infrastructure, allowing its initial form to be modified and expanded as new content is produced. As a result, the laboratory will gradually consolidate a process of ongoing analysis of the new scenario in the field of production.

The objects developed using new technological tools (such as CNC software and machines) and the ability to individually customise mass production (mass customisation), together with open-source design systems (interactive algorithms), are calling into question the future of the traditional model/series approach of industrial design.

Digital fabrication technologies offer new opportunities for design professionals in the 21st century and are ushering in a more flexible project methodology capable of adapting to meet different and changing needs.

The impact of this new technological paradigm is being felt in every phase of the production process, from conceptualisation to materialisation, from distribution to consumption. Moreover, it is paving the way to the promise of participation, personalisation and the practicability of the unique piece.

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