Saturday, June 5, 2010

Digital Practice: Shanghai Studio

Digital Practice: Shanghai Studio

For a successful architectural project, the efficiency of design communication and the control of information flow is as important as the creativity of ideas. In response to the concurrent worldwide digital evolution emerging in the architectural industry, the Faculty of Architecture at The University of Hong Kong will host a 9-day intensive summer program named Digital Practice at its Shanghai Study Center, located at the heart of Shanghai.

Digital tools to be taught include RhinoScript, Grasshopper, Digital Project, Generative Components
Design control through applications of Building Information Modeling
Rapid prototyping to produce 1:5 CNC models
Studio to design a series of crossing structures on The Bund at Shanghai

Time: 31 July - 8 August, 2010

Venue: Shanghai Study Center , 2/F, 298 North Suzhou Road, Hong Kou District, Shanghai

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