Thursday, November 23, 2023

Notilus Steeler and Notilus Drafting Workshop (online, 30 November from 4 to 5 PM CET)

This workshop allows participants to better understand and utilize the Notilus Steeler and Notilus Drafting plugins for Rhino. Participants will learn to use these powerful tools to expedite and enhance the structural modeling processes combining Rhino’s abilities.

  • Introduction and Opening (10 Minutes)
  • General Overview of the Workshop.
  • Introduction of iInstructors and Participants.
  • Structural Modeling with Notilus Steeler (20min)
  • DefiningParts
  • Creating Frames
  • Adding Faceplate & Stiffeners & Cutouts
  • Adding Brackets & Collar Plates
  • Adding Slots for Welding
  • Setting Markers
  • Getting 2Ds of Pars fo Cutting
  • Creating Sheets
  • Technical Drawings with Notilus Drafting (20 min)
  • Getting Sections
  • Getting Views
  • Setting Parts Information
  • Creating Layout
  • User Experiences, Kobus Potgieter, KND Naval Design
  • Q&A and Evaluation (10 Minutes)
  • Question and Answer Session for Participants
  • Participant Feedback and Evaluation

Participants will work on a file using Notilus Steeler and Notilus Drafting.

Instructors will provide guidance and answer questions.

The workshop is free of charge but has limited capacity. Preregistration is mandatory.


After this workshop, participants will have enhanced their ability to effectively use the Notilus Steeler and Notilus Drafting plugins. They will also become more proficient in structural modeling and technical drawing processes.

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