Friday, November 24, 2023

TRmesh in Rhino - Tech Demo and Q&A, 28 November

 TRmesh in Rhino - Tech Demo and Q&A
Speaker: Mathias Fuchs, PhD
Tuesday, 28 November 2023
Place: Google Meet - register with the link below
7:30 pm CET

TRmesh is a Rhino plugin for generating tetrahedral meshes, also known as unstructured grids, in a robust and performant way, bypassing the intermediate step of surface triangle/quad meshing. 

This demo will demonstrate the latest features and chat about use cases of tetrahedral meshing in Rhino. TRmesh is useful for classical finite element analyses directly in Rhino—such as heat transfer solutions and other engineering tasks—and for a range of purely geometrical applications. This demo will briefly showcase both areas of application. With the ever-more widespread use of advanced additive manufacturing methods making it possible to produce more intricate and topologically optimized geometries, implicitly defined surfaces and lattice-like structures are becoming increasingly ubiquitous. As a purely geometrical application, we will show how TRmesh is an ideal fit for Rhino 8's Shrinkwrap feature, together with which the generation of high-quality implicit surfaces is easy. This even extends to use cases with locally varying complex constraints. Moreover, TRmesh is ideally suited for noisy data, such as imperfect input meshes or even point clouds. We will also briefly mention TRmesh's deployment on compute servers for handling high workloads, positioning Rhino to more traditional engineering applications. Thanks to for the minimal surface. The demo will be a short session before the TRmesh McNeel webinar on 11 January 2024.

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