Thursday, November 16, 2023

Rhino takes center stage: The urban design revolution

In the dynamic realm of urban design, Rhino is emerging as the go-to platform, redefining how cities are conceptualized and brought to life. Rhino has transcended its traditional role, now standing tall as the main design platform for projects on an urban scale.

This year, the Municipality of Haidari in Athens, Greece, embarked on a visionary urban design project to elevate the quality of urban life. This transformative endeavor focused on the bioclimatic regeneration of green areas, carefully tuned to the local climate and ecosystem.

Led by Legkikas Sokratis & Associates from CAD Academy, Greece, this project reached far beyond conventional urban renewal. Public spaces were reborn, from bustling squares to tranquil school yards and charming pocket parks. 

What set this urban design initiative apart was the strategic use of cutting-edge software applications, underscoring the role of technology in shaping the urban landscape. Rhino and VisualARQ took center stage, orchestrating intricate 2D and 3D designs that formed the blueprint for Haidari's urban metamorphosis.  With its BIM features, Lands Design seamlessly integrated landscape requirements, ensuring a harmonious blend of nature and architecture. Finally, Twinmotion stepped in for renderings and captivating video presentations, bringing the entire vision to life.

The Haidari project in Greece is a testament to the power of Rhino's tools in reshaping urban environments and embracing the future of urban design. As cities worldwide grapple with the challenges of the 21st century, Haidari stands at the forefront, a shining example of how Rhino's capabilities extend beyond software, influencing positive change in the very fabric of our cities.

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