Thursday, November 30, 2023

VR Sketch: high-performance Virtual Reality viewer

VR Sketch is a plugin that lets you render any model in Virtual Reality without creating discomfort and without changing the model. This sounds like it should not be that hard—but it is something that is, surprisingly at least for us, technically hard to achieve. Virtual Reality requires high performance to avoid inducing nausea; we have achieved this through extensive optimizations, making VR Sketch the fastest and most comfortable viewer out there.

This is achieved through sketchy art style, without photo-realism, light effects and high definition textures. However, models with millions of triangles can be shown in VR quickly and with a single button. The model remains synchronized with Rhino: changes done in Rhino are immediately propagated to VR. You can walk around or inside your prototype, then do tweaks in Rhino and quickly iterate. You can even do two-person collaboration, with one person in VR and the other one on the screen editing the Rhino model.

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