Friday, November 24, 2023

World Expanded / NFTS and Rendering - The new book by Tobias Eder (in German)

The German sculptor Tobias Eder has realized his virtual art in digital space since 2009 using McNeel's Rhino software. Since then, a large number of artworks have been created with Rhino. 

His book, published in November 2023, comprises 400 pages with numerous illustrations and provides a deep insight into Eder's digital world. It includes futuristic spaces, digitally created sculptures, which are often realized using 3D printing, and even the Old Synagogue in Freiburg, which was cast in bronze based on his digital model and is now installed in front of the University Library in Freiburg. Text contributions in the book reflect the new art in digital space, and the art historian Wolfgang Ullrich focuses on the NFTs created by Eder, which are also shown in the book.

Tobias Eder was born in 1966 in Rheinfelden/Baden. He studied sculpture at the art academies in Karlsruhe and Munich and now lives and works in Freiburg im Breisgau. With Rhino, he designs both profane and sacred spaces and in some cases their new contemporary furnishings. 

World Expanded
NFTS and Renderings, Tobias Eder

Softcover, 22.5 x 17.2 cm, 400 pages, numerous illustrations
With essays by Wolfgang Ullrich, Mareike Hartmann, AI/Marek Kralewski, Tobias Eder
Euro 35.- (plus shipping)
Published by Galerie Marek Kralewski
ISBN 978-3-945173-18-1

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