Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Jewelry un-tutorials


Un-tutorials. What? It's an educational series based on TV episode logic, not the typical tutorial pattern. Showing a real-case scenario using Rhino, Giuseppe and Beatrice talk through their process of designing a ring, a real-life scenario.

They go through the briefing in Episode 1 to create the first sketches in pencil and paper. Then, they move on to Rhino to model the outer shell of the ring and the curves used as guides for the stone placement.

Episode 2 shows the same workflow (getting the curves and placing the stones) in the Grasshopper parametric environment.

In Episode 3, Giuseppe and Beatrice refine the Grasshopper definition, placing and orienting the actual stones to get to a finished product, ending the video with a few renderings.

Like that TV series you watch, there is more to come later.

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