Thursday, November 10, 2016

Terraform Design by Nick ODonnell

Terraform Design is a company that creates fixtures, furniture, and lighting using Rhinoceros and Grasshopper to design, customize, and help fabricate their pieces.  

The founder, Nick ODonnell, is an Entrepreneurship graduate from Florida State University. He runs the company and works with clients on special furniture and fixture projects within the field of parametric design. His lighting and furniture work has been in USA Today and The Wall Street Journal, and he recently received the 'Governor's Young Entrepreneur Award' for the State of Florida for his work.  

Check out some of his projects and their Storefront in Etsy:

  • Sporelamp: The Sporelamp is Terraform Design's best-selling lamp.  Made of more than 130 laser-cut pieces, the model reflects the geometric patterns seen in plants like pine cones and artichokes, as well as in animals such as the Pangolin.

  • Terraform Chair: The Terraform Chair was the company's first model.  It was designed after the form of an average-height male body in relaxing position, to provide a level of comfort surprising for a chair made entirely of plywood.
  • Aevum Bench: One of the company's larger-scale models, created for places of high foot-traffic, such as malls, airports, corporate headquarters, etc.  Aevum, meaning 'loop' or 'eternity' in Latin, was the concept that inspired the bench's abstract, inter-connected shape.

For more information please contact Nick ODonnell - Founder, Head Designer. 

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