Thursday, November 10, 2016

Foundation Training Courses from ThinkParametric

ThinkParametric's Foundation Training Courses teach everything you need to know about Grasshopper related software. The tutorials are available for a 14-day trial, followed by a small monthly fee. (For example, Kangaroo 101 is $29/month.)

Kangaroo 101

Learn the fundamental aspects of Grasshopper's Physics Engine Kangaroo, as well as some of the form finding strategies you can achieve with it.

First, the basic components of Kangaroo are taught by setting up your engine to do your first simulation. Then, the main force components that achieve different form finding strategies are presented. You will learn how to create Catenary curves and vaults, with tensile membrane structures and efficient dome structures.

Galapagos 101

This course teaches basic evolutionary computing, its theory, how it works, and how you can use in your daily practice.

Galapagos is helpful in optimizing complex design questions that have lots of variables. Examples are optimizing a building mass to maximize its views, optimizing a facade system according to solar radiation, or optimizing member sizes in a structural space frame to reduce weight and cost.

Grasshopper 101

This course presents the basic principles of parametric design using Grasshopper. Learn the key features of a parametric design approach and its benefits. Also covered, in depth, is how Grasshopper works, its interface, and how to manage and organize information.  The basic concepts of computer science and programming and the importance of these concepts for developing your algorithms will be presented. Learn how to identify the different design parameters and how to associate them to each other to build flexible systems with smart components.

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