Saturday, November 5, 2016

Parametric Design & Form Finding Workshop in Argentina

Join Arq. Arturo De La Fuente in Parametric Design & Form Finding Workshop in FADU UBA - Buenos Aires, Argentina. The workshop will focus on the creation of algorithms as a form finding method of complex geometry and their parametric optimization for future fabrication.

Participants will generate a complex system that determines the relationship between elements, visualize the emergent information in real time and study how the complexity of the system allows the analysis of data, to achieve more efficient results.

  1. Introduction to the work of Frei Otto, Gaudí, Heinz Isler, among others.
  2. Introduction to computational design, parametric design based on visual programming.
  3. Understand how Kangaroo (Live physics simulation plugin) functions to develop real-time physical simulations.
  4. Develop different digital form-finding techniques.
  5. Establish optimization strategies for construction.
  6. Understand different digital fabrication methods available for existing models.

Workshop: Parametric Design & Form Finding
Date: November 7-8, 2016
Time: 5 PM-10 PM
Instructor: Arq. Arturo De La Fuente
Language: Spanish
$800 (Pesos Arg) Profesionales y general
$500 (Pesos Arg) Estudiantes y docentes
Place: FADU UBA - Buenos Aires, Argentina (Facultad de diseño y urbanismo de la Universidad de Buenos Aires)

For more information please contact Arq. Arturo De La Fuente or call  +54 911 57268799. 

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