Friday, November 11, 2016

Speckle Streams brings parametric design to the web

For now, Speckle Streams is a free service, courtesy of The Bartlett School of Architecture & InnoChain.

Speckle Streams has just two components: SPK Sender and SPK Receiver. With that you get a Pandora's box of things: 
  • Realtime data broadcasting from any Grasshopper file to any other multiuser Grasshopper!
  • Realtime online viewer of the geometry: Updates in Grasshopper are immediately visible online. 
  • Realtime online parameter manipulation of your definition (like the remote control, but available anywhere as long as the definition is online).
  • Solution space packager: Detach your parametric model from the live backend for a more responsive and stable experience. No more flakiness (at an upfront computational cost on your side). Supports concurrent computations.

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