Tuesday, November 29, 2016

BMW's Vision of the future

BMW celebrated its 100-year anniversary by designing a research vehicle for the future. Its show car debuted at the Centenary Event in the Munich Olympic Hall last March.

Visualizing a world where digital and analog work together, they incorporated two distinct operating modes, Ease and Boost, in the Vision Next 100. Ease is the fully-automated driving system, for the world of self-driving cars. Boost is the mode customized to the driver, typical of a current BMW driving experience.

The surface treatment includes some cues from the BMW i, as well as futuristic elements. Alive Geometry is mosaic of 800 sensor-activated triangles that form a dynamic analog display spanning the dashboard. These triangles move and turn red in response to objects in the vehicle's vicinity, to alert the driver to potential dangers. The concept is like many modern buildings, where exterior panels automatically change to adapt to lighting conditions and increase energy efficiency. Rhino and Grasshopper was used to develop the Alive Geometry pattern.

More details in the Car Body Design article ....

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