Saturday, October 10, 2015

Grasshopper plugin developer joins Proving Ground

Grasshopper plugin developer David Stasiuk is joining Proving Ground as Director of Applied Research.

David has actively contributed to the computational design world with several significant tools and plugins. His most recent tool, Cocoon, adds advanced mesh creation and refinement capabilities to Grasshopper.

David has extensive experience in applying data-driven workflow and cutting-edge technology in research and practice. As part of his PhD research at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, David explored a wide range of topics, including parametric workflows, advanced geometry, interoperability, fabrication, and complex material assemblies.

In his work as a specialty consultant at Method Design, he developed 3D structural connection models for 1050 unique stone panels in the Louisiana State Museum and Sports Hall of Fame designed by Trahan Architects.

Nathan Miller, Founder and Managing Director of the Proving Ground, adds, "I have known Dave for several years and have been eager to collaborate with him. I couldn't be happier to have him on board in these early days of Proving Ground. A data-driven building industry requires the unique combination of practical experience and innovative thinking. Dave brings all that and more to the table. I look forward to working with him to develop new solutions for our clients and the building industry!"

To check out David's work, visit his web site Bespoke Geometry.

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Anonymous said...

Bravo, to one of the most empowering members of the Grasshopper forum!

His release of Cocoon blew me away as I struggled on and off for weeks with his original VB script for marching cubes. See his heroic appearance on my forum thread here: first he doesn't let on that he has a work in progress. His first release didn't even have Grasshopper icons.

Now I have superpowers that make me potentially more valuable as a wage earner and businessman, and Cocoon is being adopted by many a user as seen in the forum picture Gallery.