Friday, October 16, 2015

LAST CALL: Free Webinar of Rhino for Mac

McNeel Europe
October 2015
10:00 am (CEST)

If you want to have a quick view of Rhino 5 for Mac, do not miss this free one-hour webinar. There are very few seats left. Sign up now!

Spanish: October 19, 2015 - FEW SEATS LEFT! Sign up...
Panelist: Rodrigo Bárcena

French: October 20, 2015 - FEW SEATS LEFT! Sign up...
Panelist: Vanessa Steeg

Italian: October 21, 2015 - FEW SEATS LEFT! Sign up...
Panelist: Giuseppe Massoni

German: October 22, 2015 - VERY FEW SEATS LEFT! Sign up...
Panelist: Verena Vogler

English: October 26, 2015 - ALMOST SOLD OUT! Sign up... 
Panelist: Rodrigo Bárcena

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