Thursday, October 22, 2015

BIM GeomGym IFC and BullAnt now available for Rhino 5 for Mac

GeometryGym just announced the availability of its plugins BIM GeomGym IFC and BullAnt for Rhino 5 for Mac:

BIM GeomGym IFC is an OpenBIM add-on for Rhino and Grasshopper. It enables IFC (Industry Foundation Class) models to be generated and exchanged to ARCHICAD, Revit, Bently, Tekla, and any other BIM software with IFC capability.

BullAnt is a Rhino/Grasshopper plugin primarily for architects and engineers (but also other Rhino/Grasshopper users). It features computational design tools to enhance and extend the parent program and other third-party plugins. BullAnt commands include mesh relaxation (minimal surfaces), mesh inflation (ETFE cushions), symmetry automationtessellation (polygon packing)structural modeling/sketching (including parametric generation in Grasshopper), geodesic domes, and curve network processing. 

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