Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Arch2O - NEXT7 Competition

For the second consecutive year Arch2O challenges architects, artists, urban planners, engineers, designers, students, and creative individuals to envision the Next7 -- by conceiving a proposed condition (or set of) which fundamentally different from the present. The future is going to be different. How? This competition is completely plastic and up to the individual entries to decide and define.
Each entry should specify at least one major difference that makes the future unique from the present. This condition should fundamentally alter what and how everything is.
The future presents problems that cannot be solved 1 or even 2 dimensionally. Any solutions must therefore incorporate an amalgam of disparate, new approaches. Entries are encouraged to solve problems in their defined futures with post contemporary technologies or methods. Failing this, there should be a clear demonstration of advancement in techniques; either advancement towards the positive, or the negative. Again, this is up to individual entries.
Arch2O puts forth that sustainable approaches incorporate parametric techniques, a reexamination of the analogue, and forward looking technologies. Entrants must decide for themselves what sustainability means. Entrants should consider that the time frame for the competition is set at an undetermined point in the future, so restrictions set on current technologies may not exist. Cars may fly, fusion might work, things may be roughly the same, save for one or two defining features. Things may be better or worse. These possibilities should be considered and incorporated into entries. The main focus of the competition will be architecture.

Early registration is now open until January 15, 2016.
Final deadline is February 7, 2016.

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