Saturday, October 31, 2015

Power2Play - Power to build a Seahawks guitar for Paul Allen

Once again, Sherwood and Kelso High Schools are advancing education with their fab labs. (Just search in this blog for Sherwood and you'll see several posts.)

The two schools have collaborated with the Power2Work foundation to build a custom electric guitar and case. Commissioned for Paul Allen and the Seattle Seahawks 12s, it is one of the first guitars designed and manufactured through its program.

Projects are multi-school collaborations, where students experience a professional work environment. By engaging high school shop teachers and other partners, they've outfitted over 30 high schools throughout Oregon, Washington, and Alaska with digital fab labs. With the Power2Work's goal to teach meaningful skills, kids learn to build everything from guitars to houses.

A few fun facts about the Seahawks guitar:
  • The guitar case was manufactured out of old Sherwood High School bleachers. 
  • The pickups are Normandy Extreme Shielding Twangshifter.
  • The guitar is three kinds of wood: alder, black walnut, and maple.
  • The custom body artwork was donated by Shelby Tiffany.

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