Saturday, September 29, 2012

Working together with Revit/Vasari

The Autodesk Vasari group recently hosted a webinar and panel discussion focused on workflow between Rhino, Grasshopper, Vasari, and Revit. The presentations demonstrated the ability to transfer walls, panels, rooms, structural members, and free form surfaces. Some of the methods shown lend themselves to bidirectional transfers allowing you to use Vasari’s analysis modes to drive Grasshopper definitions.

The webinar included four different approaches:
  1. GeometryGym IFC - presented by Jon Mirtschin
  2. Chameleon - presented by Hiroshi Jacobs
  3. Hummingbird - presented by Tim Meador
  4. OpenNURBS Importer - presented by Nathan Miller
The solutions presented are new and exciting. Some terrific work is being done here! The recording is available on the GH & Revit group page. Join the discussion.

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