Saturday, September 29, 2012

Working together with Revit/Vasari

The Autodesk Vasari group recently hosted a webinar and panel discussion focused on workflow between Rhino, Grasshopper, Vasari, and Revit. The presentations demonstrated the ability to transfer walls, panels, rooms, structural members, and free-form surfaces. Some of the methods shown lend themselves to bidirectional transfers allowing you to use Vasari’s analysis modes to drive Grasshopper definitions.

The webinar included four different approaches:
  1. Geometry Gym IFC - presented by Jon Mirtschin
  2. Chameleon - presented by Hiroshi Jacobs
  3. Hummingbird - presented by Tim Meador
  4. OpenNURBS Importer - presented by Nathan Miller
The solutions presented are new and exciting. Some terrific work is being done here! The recording is available on the GH & Revit group page. Join the discussion.

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