Saturday, September 22, 2012

Scan&Solve for meshes in Rhino

You can now perform structural simulation on native meshes in Rhinofrom any source, of any size, and any complexity. And as always with Scan&Solve, no simplification, no preprocessing, no conversion, and no finite element meshing are needed. This version has the same functionality as the latest edition of Scan&Solve™ but works directly on closed meshes created in Rhino or imported from other applications that can export .stl, .wrl, .ply, and other mesh formats recognized by Rhino. Whether you are working with reverse engineering, 3D printing, digital mockup, scanned models or biomedical applications, in Rhino simply:
  1. Select a valid closed mesh
  2. Select the material (standard or custom)
  3. Apply the restraints
  4. Apply the loads (surfaces or body)
  5. Select Go
  6. View, Report, Bake, or 3D print the amazing results
There is nothing quite like SnSMesh anywhere and at any price. But you, the Rhino user, can download the full and unlimited work in progress (WIP) version of SnSMesh absolutely free.

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