Thursday, September 20, 2012

Solar-powered Exhibition Pavilion in Barcelona

Barcelona Smartcity is upgrading Barcelona's electricity supply system. As part of this project they've installed the Endesa Pavilion, a solar-powered exhibition center, as a control center for Barcelona Smartcity and to provide a model for other cities.

The architectural research and education center, the Instituto de Arquitectura Avanzada de Cataluna (IAAC), designed the project. To accommodate the needs of sun orientation and other environmental aspects, the solar modules' sizes and shape vary.

IAAC used mathematical equations to set the parameters for the solar inclination, orientation, and outside openings. If you look closely at the video on the Freshome web site, you will see Grasshopper being used. 

The wooden pavilion was fabricated by CNC machines, so construction was precise and quick, even though the various modules were completely different from each other. The building was built in less than one month.

The pavilion is in place till November 15, 2012, and located at the end of the Muelle de la Marina at the Olimpic Port of Barcelona. 

More information on the site by FastCoDesign. . . . 

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