Thursday, September 6, 2012

Integral Envelopes Workshop 2.0 - Barcelona

Integral Envelopes Workshop 2.0
15-19 October 2012
Barcelona (Spain)

Workshop integrated into the ELISAVA Master’s Advanced Design and Digital Architecture, ADDA.

The participants will gain a new perspective on the creation of forms and spaces through knowledge of the material and its “intelligent” behavior, complemented by learning Rhino plugin Grasshopper, a software package that allows visual programming and advanced modeling of these forms and structures.

This workshop will equip students to produce truly innovative designs in terms of material, form and behavior, to the point of creating designs that are able to adapt to their environment. Ultimately, we will learn that the boundary between natural and artificial (or that produced by humans) has been redrawn from the perspective of biomimetic engineering.

Workshop leaders:
  • Jordi Truco. Architect, Director of ADDA, Advanced Design and Digital Architecture.
  • Michael Weinstock. Architect, Director emergent technologies and design Architectural Association. UK Director technical studies AA.

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