Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Rhino3D Technical Jewelry Modeling Courses

Vivian Li has just published her Third Rhino Jewelry Tutorial CD. It includes 10 hours of video instruction in 35 courses.

See the sample videos:

Video 1, Video 2, Video 3


Wadmin said...

As you can see from here http://yfrog.com/1vcizimj
in Array-Ring-A she take the rings diameter at 40 mm's.
i take a caps from the video and background it to rhino and measure the rings diamater 40 mm's.Who's finger size is 4 cm's?.
i thinks its a big mistake. We can see this mistake in othervideos.
if i were a new starter to rhino then how i can learn the true measurement in jewelry modeling.

Rhino Jewelry Courses from Vivian said...

Dear Sir

Thank you for your comment!

All the jewelry model could be scale the size when output, for the rendering and preview reason we setup the zise more biger, of course, you can setup the real size.

all those video sample, didn't offer model profile, our next course(skillful) will offer the model profile, and it would be setup the real size.

Best Wish!