Monday, April 20, 2009

RhinoTerrain 1.5 announced

RhinoTerrain introduces RhinoTerrain 1.5

Faster, better productivity, and more features which include:

· Ultra fast terrain creation with Constrained Delaunay triangulation (>2 million triangles per second )
· Ultra fast contour curve generation that works on large terrain meshes
· Gridded terrain with user STEP definition ideal for NURBS surface terrain generation
· Ultra fast terrain viewshed analysis for impact study (television, phone antenna, wind turbine position, house point of view)
· Terrain slope and height analysis
· Stepped terrain generation from contour lines ideal for architectural presentations
· Shaded contour lines display
· Terrain filtering
· Cut and fill volume computations
· Import of 3D GIS data (ArcInfo, USGS DEM, IGN Bd Alti)
· Import of Leica 3D scanner in colored RGB point cloud
· Ultra fast mesh terrain tiling with geo-referenced orthophoto support
· ZCorp 3D printer support for 3D terrain printing

The majority of our functions are designed to use the MultiCore feature (multi-threaded) to increase your productivity.

RhinoTerrain 1.5 list price is 695€/$. For existing RhinoTerrain users it's a free upgrade.

Additional details and a free Evaluation version are at (Download section).

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