Monday, April 20, 2009

Distributed Intelligence in Design Symposium - 8-9 May, Salford Quays, UK

8-9 May, Salford Quays, UK

Architectural design and production is becoming more and more a digitally-networked practice and an outcome of distributed activities within and across organisations that involve various collaborative interactions and embedding intelligence into the formation, organisation, performance and actualisation of spaces.

The symposium will investigate the emerging concept of “Distributed Intelligence in Design”.

David Rutten will show the latest version of Grasshopper as part of the program.

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Tuba Kocaturk said...

The long awaited book of the symposium has finally been published by Wiley's. The book is titled the same as the symposium: "Distributed Intelligence in Design", edited by T.Kocaturk & B.Medjdoub

The book focuses on:

* how parametric and generative design media can be coupled with and managed alongside Building Information Modelling tools and systems
* how the cross-disciplinary knowledge is distributed and coordinated across different software, participants and organizations
* the characteristics of the evolving creative and collaborative practices
* how built environment education should be adapted to this digitally-networked practice and highly distributed intelligence in design

The chapters address a range of innovative developments, methodologies, applications, research work and theoretical arguments, to present current experience and expectations as collaborative practice becomes critical in the design of future built environments.