Saturday, April 25, 2009

PanelingTools New Release for Rhino 4.0 SR5

A new release of PanelingTools plug-in for Rhino 4.0 is now available for download. New in this release:

  • Added new unroll commands to unroll multiple faces, edges or points. Unrolled geometry inherits input objects name and other attributes as well as user data. There is an option to output result into new layers.
    • ptUnrollFaces.
    • ptUnrollEdges.
    • ptUnrollPoints.
  • Add new ptTrimGrid command with option to select inside, outside or shift outside points to the edges relative to a base surface/polysurface.
  • Added new ptUnifyFacesNormal command to unify panels normal direction relative to reference surface or polysurface.
  • Added "Iso" and "ShortPath" options to PanelShape option in ptPanelGrid command.
  • Rewritten how panels are pulled to a base surface or polysurface. It should work better especially near edges.
  • ptFinEdges - Fix distance bug (used to be reset to 1 in some cases).
  • ptFinEdges - Added BothSides option.
  • Toolbars have new look.
  • Update how menu and toolbar is organized. Commands are now grouped as follows:
    • Creating base paneling grid commands
    • Paneling with base grid.
    • Paneling without grid.
    • Grid utility.
    • Paneling utility.
    • General utility.
  • Check the new Introduction to PanelingTools tutorials.

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