Monday, April 27, 2009

Innovative Design and Construction Technologies, Milano, May 6-7

Innovative Design and Construction Technologies
Milano, May 6-7

This international conference presents the state of the art in innovative design and construction technologies, with a wide perspective of all the operators involved from architect, to engineer, to supplier and client.

Marc Fornes (theverymany) will show his latest RhinoScript projects and Dr. Shrikant Sharma (Buro Happold Smart Group) will show Buro Happold's brand new SMART solutions for Rhino.

Other very interesting speakers include Oliver Tessmann (Bollinger & Grohmann), Arnold Walz (DesignToProduction), Matias del Campo (SPAN Architects), Cristiano Ceccato (Zaha Hadid Architects), Marthijn Pool (ONL Oosterhuis), Mick Eekhout (Octatube), Erwin van Maaren (Nedcam), and many more...

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