Monday, January 2, 2023

Rhino User Webinar: Surface Modeling and Product Presentation, by Gijs de Zwart


Rhino User Webinar
January 18, 2023, at 4 PM UTC+1

Gijs de Zwart will drive this webinar, where he will demonstrate how to rebuild some Soft Electronics products in Rhino based on the book by Jaro Gielens. During the live demo, Gijs will show surface modeling workflow in Rhino, reverse engineering from scanned objects, and some tips on rendering and product presentation.

A few examples of what he will show can be found in the Rhino Gallery.

Gijs is a design professional with a primary focus on high-quality design visualization. He is an experienced Rhino and Grasshopper user with programming and visualization experience. He has developed some plugins like Global Edge Continuity and is a Rhino trainer and freelance designer.
He has recently joined the McNeel team.

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Anonymous said...

will you share recorded seminar on youtube?

Guillermo Varela said...

Yes, you can find the recording of the webinar here: