Wednesday, January 11, 2023

KUKA|prc in Unity Visual Scripting – Association for Robots in Architecture

Robots in Architecture has been kind enough to share its new project that links KUKA|prc with Unity and Rhino.Compute:

"While Grasshopper is extremely strong at defining geometrically complex operations, it is less optimized for processes that incorporate live sensor feedback or branching data paths, due to its fundamentally acyclic, directed graph.

In our research at Creative Robotics we have integrated KUKA|prc into the game engine Unity and its included Unity Visual Scripting system, that features an accessible integration of state machines.

As Unity cannot cover the same scope of geometrical operations as Rhino, we still utilize Rhino and Grasshopper via Rhino.Compute for pathplanning, while depending on UVS’ state machine for controlling the process flow."

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