Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Point-E in Rhino: Generate Objects with OpenAi-Technology by Textprompts

Point-E is the latest open AI web service that OpenAI released, after amazing tools like Dall-E for generating images and ChatGPT for generating text-based answers for almost any text prompt.

Point-E creates point clouds of objects based on text input. Resolution is still relatively low to keep usability high, but the results are already amazing.

It is now usable in Rhino through the free version of the Adapative Parts Environment plug-in.

Multiple objects can be generated simultaneously and point clouds are even colored.

Currently, Rhenso is working on an automated meshing algorithm for Release 7.
If you are already using Release 8 beta, you should try the new ShrinkWrap feature with the result of Point-E.

To use it follow these steps:
  • Install Adaptive Parts Environment (APE) through the package manager (win only) or by our installer
  • Download and open this Example (3dm and Grasshopper file)
  • Use the APE Panel and enter your query
  • Copy and change the model as often as you like

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