Thursday, January 26, 2023

The Flowing Bridge, Entrance outdoor theatre footbridge, Taiyuan, China, by Sterling Presser Architects+Engineers

Copyright Rex Zou

The Flowing Bridge (by Sterling Presser Architects+Engineers) is a unique infrastructure project designed as an entrance to the Taiyuan outdoor theatre and a strategic connection to the whole park above the river Xiahoe meander. The bridge is conceived as an invitation to the arts and the entire composition is a sequence. Its indirect path allows the visitor to arrive from the side and discover the water step by step. The concept is to design a connection to the car park in harmony with the lotus pattern of the landscape and the outer theatre.

The balustrades are a specific feature using parametric design. It has been developed as a vibrant artistic surface to provide quality within the public space. The bespoke Grasshopper definition enabled a visual and differentiated effect. It is designed to be visually abstract using a moiré definition, which underlines the curved concept and plays with the natural light. The railing reads at different speeds, whether it is perceived by pedestrians, cyclists, or light VIP vehicles, and creates an ever-changing feel.

Two grids shift parametrically while keeping the code requirement of a minimum of 110 mm between elements for safety. Sterling Presser used Rhino geometry definition of the whole project to deliver a 3D coordinated construction information package for the local contractor.

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