Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Advanced Concept Workshop using Land Kit and Grasshopper


August 27

Today, designers face many complex challenges that require understanding and analyzing multiple systems simultaneously. When used effectively, Grasshopper and Land Kit offer various ways to deal with site planning, complex analysis, design automation, and much more.

This Advanced Concepts Workshop introduces a wide range of applications for Land Kit, in addition to ways in which Grasshopper can be used to develop parametric workflows for accomplishing complex tasks quickly and accurately. Using custom tools and alternative Land Kit workflows, this workshop will equip you with specific examples and showcase the possibilities of computational design to become an essential tool.

This Advanced Concepts workshop is designed for users with advanced knowledge of Rhino and Grasshopper, although new users are welcome to join to gain more understanding of how computational design techniques can become an important approach to the design process.

Date: August 27
Time: 10 am-3 pm EST (includes 1-hour lunch break)
Cost: $300 ($100 for students and faculty)

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