Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Two new books for jewelry designers!

Dana Buscaglia has published two new books to demonstrate and teach using Rhinoceros 7.0 for the design and creation of jewelry modeling. 

The first volume covers basic Rhino commands and the 2D project creation. The second volume covers basic Rhino commands and the 3D project creation. The chapters are in tutorial format with step-by-step instructions that gradually build a knowledge base, becoming more advanced in later chapters. 

Dana Buscaglia’s 40+ years of experience in jewelry ranges over various segments of the jewelry industry. After designing and executing her line of contemporary jewelry for 13 years, Dana moved to a more commercial side and took design jobs at Jacmel Jewelry and then at Avon. Both experiences exposed Dana to the different worlds of jewelry design and mass production.

As outsourcing became important, involving the transmission of accurate product design and description to contractors worldwide, Dana became interested in Computer Aided Design to easily and accurately transmit drawings and layouts. She became adept at AutoCAD and then branched into Rhinoceros because of its ability to create both drafted 2D drawings and 3-dimensional models. 

Dana’s design experience is an advantage when translating the work of other designers into technical drawings and layouts or 3-dimensional digital models for prototyping.

Dana has also become a licensed Rhino instructor and teaches Computer Aided Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology. 

The books are available at Amazon, Lulu Publishing, Barnes & Nobles, and others.

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