Tuesday, November 26, 2019

New - KeyShot 9 for Rhino Video

In this video, Phil Cook from Simply Rhino takes a look at KeyShot 9. KeyShot is an easy to use, photorealistic renderer without a steep learning curve.

This new version of KeyShot, version 9, features many enhancements and new features.

For this video Phil has chosen five of these new KeyShot features that may be the most interesting to Rhino users. These are:

  • Fuzz (Pro version only)
  • Denoise
  • GPU Rendering
  • Real Cloth (Pro version only)
  • Model Library

As well as introducing the new features, there is a short tutorial on modeling a tennis ball in Rhino and rendering this in KeyShot using the new Fuzz material. There is also a breakdown of the hardware requirements for GPU rendering.

Please note that this video is made with pre-release versions of KeyShot 9. Some features may be improved in the shipped product.

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Anonymous said...

When covering the new features of Keyshot 9, you might not want to post a video showing the new features in Keyshot 8. Just a helpful suggestion.