Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Urbano for urban mobility simulations

Just released! Urbano for mobility modeling and simulation in Rhino and Grasshopper.

Understand the consequences of your design choices of the street network.  

Urbano is a new urban design tool that models active mobility and evaluates access to amenities, streets, and public spaces. 
  • Download geospatial data. Download maps and points-of-interest data from OpenStreetMaps directly in Grasshopper.
  • Import your data. Parse and import layers of existing state information from OSM or shapefiles.
  • Look up and change Metadata. Attach Metadata, then look it up and customize parametrically.
  • Preprocess and build a mobility model. Automate mobility modeling steps, including creating a topological street network and generating each building's access point to streets.
  • Find routes in different modes. Find routes between origin and designation buildings using different transit modes, such as pedestrians or cars.
  • Run mobility simulation with TripEngine. 
  • Analyze amenities and streets. Compute various metrics in urban analysis, including Streetscore, Amenityscore, and Walkscore.
  • Integrate CAD workflow. Bake model geometry with Metadata to Rhino. Work seamlessly with other visualization components.

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