Saturday, November 16, 2019

MeasureXL: New Portable CMM Digitizer

Traditionally, reverse engineering packages consisting of hardware and software have been quite expensive. What’s special about MeasureXL is that it is fully integrated with Rhino 6 for Windows to create an affordable Scan to CAD solution. 

Build CAD models fast! Data taken from MeasureXL shows up immediately inside Rhino to create accurate CAD models in lesser time than designing them from scratch.

MeasureXL portable CMM consists of a wireless probe and a factory-calibrated optical tracker for an out of the box accurate tracking experience. There’s no need to calibrate the unit, which makes it easy to set up and start taking measurements. The 3D digitizer measures wirelessly. It doesn’t have any movement restrictions compared to traditional portable CMMs with articulated arms. MeasureXL uses a probe, so it is not affected by environmental conditions such as lighting.

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