Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Rhino Dev Day Afternoons at McNeel Europe

Are you developing something with Rhino? If you are working on a Rhino plugin, Grasshopper add-on, Python script, or anything to do with Rhino’s development tools, join us at McNeel EU on the last Wednesday of each month to discuss your idea or work in progress development projects. 

Use these informal sessions to ask development questions and to get the solutions for any roadblocks you might be facing in your development progress.

The first session will take place on Wednesday, March 27th, 2019, at the McNeel Europe offices in Barcelona at Carrer Roger De Flor 32-34.

Attendance is free, but you must register before attending the sessions. 


Unknown said...


very good move but ... it seems that your monthly event doesn't happen thru webinar as i first supposed but require a physical presence at the McNeel desk at Barcelona (that could reduce greatly a lot the number of participants), could you precise more please ?

Jacques from www.rhinoforyou.com

Sandy McNeel said...

Could you help us out? What wording would you use?