Monday, March 18, 2019

Announcing Ennoble: Evolutionary software for crystal and gemstone designs

Ennoble - a plugin set for crystal and gemstone designs brought to you by D. Swarovski Distribution GmbH. Now available to download.
Design with the connected Swarovski Crystal catalog, including the latest collections, integrated as intelligent Rhino block instance component libraries.
Enjoy the following generative design and engineering tools for Swarovski components in Rhino, now available for both Rhino 5 and 6:
  • Accurate component geometries and real-world manufacturing data such as preset tolerances and security distances, allowing for precise placement, integration, and modification of crystal components. All can be adjusted to your production parameters.
  • Automated placement for NURBS (curves, polysurfaces, solids), subdivision surfaces and polygon meshes, using generative algorithms, evolutionary solvers and parametric techniques for optimal integration.
  • Innovative creative control through a variety of pavé simulation tools for curves and surfaces/mesh geometries, such as spray-on brushes as well as color and texture based circle packing modifiers.
  • Automated cavity and innovative structural creation allow designs to transform into production-ready, self-sustaining geometric structures with accurate crystal cup settings.
  • Advanced tools for fabrication and rapid prototyping geometry optimizations.

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