Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Savanna3D R6 + 12 Grasshopper definitions

Savanna3D R6 contains more than 1,300 detailed 3D models in 3DM format + 12 Grasshopper definitions to create parametric models. These models, which include furniture, fixtures, 2D people, office equipment, TVs, and more, are ready to insert or import into Rhino 6 to give you a head start. And they have preset materials from Rhino 6. You can edit them as any other Rhino 6 object. All the materials are 100% included in Rhino 6.

Savanna3D R6 now includes Grasshopper definitions to create parametric models. Before you use any of the Grasshopper definitions included in Savanna3D R6, you should know these three things about the files!

Purchase Savanna3D R6 here!

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