Sunday, March 17, 2019

Food4Rhino News

Food4Rhino, the plugin community server by McNeel, with more than 460 Rhino and Grasshopper apps and 200 resources, recently reached 3,500,000 downloads!

Check out the newest developments in AEC, jewelry, visualization, CAD/CAM, robots, CFD, FEA, environmental analysis, marine, AR/VR/MR, footwear, games, volumetric modeling, structural optimization, product configurators, form-finding, urban and landscape, BIM translators, GUI customization, and much more!

Here are some recently added new apps:

Magnetizing Floor Plan Generator: An exploration of various ways of generating floor plans for public buildings.

Wallacei: An evolutionary engine to run evolutionary simulations in Grasshopper through highly detailed analytic tools.

OpenNest: Nesting in Rhino 6 and Grasshopper.

Kiwi!3D: Isogeometric analysis in Rhino.

Smart Menu for Rhino: A customizable, productive and easy-to-learn GUI tool.

CreateQuadMesh: Create quad meshes using the Instant Meshes and QuadriFlow open source meshing projects.

Seanaptic: Model parametric ship structures with extreme efficiency.

Mastering Surfacing in Rhino: This book is written for anyone who wants to improve their surfacing skills and achieve curvature continuity surfaces without plugins and expensive CAD software.

Trammel: Design a 5-way Archimedes trammel by adjusting slider lengths and widths for physical clearance.

PedSim: Run simplified pedestrian simulation in real time in Grasshopper for demonstration purposes.

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