Thursday, September 21, 2017

Job Opening at Amazon Go: Senior Store Prototyping Designer

Amazon Go is looking for a Senior Store Prototyping Designer


As a Store Prototyping Designer for Amazon Go, you will:
  • Devise brilliant methods of testing concepts through creative prototyping techniques.
  • As part of this team, you will develop mockups and prototypes to communicate and test design concepts, interactions, and construction methods. 
  • Work in close collaboration with industrial designers, store experience designers, product managers, and cross-functional technology partners. 
  • Craft interactive physical design solutions that incorporate all the design details that matter most to Amazon Go customers, store associates, and technologists and produce them at the right fidelity.
  • Build on new ideas, technologies, and ingenious ways for customers to interact with your prototypes. 
  • You’ll be hands-on at every step of the prototyping process, shepherding ideas from the design concept phase through mockups, piloting, production, delivery, and ongoing iteration.


  • Take designs from concepts to technical modeling in the appropriate software, through to completed prototypes.
  • Ensure that customer and store associate needs, along with design, construction, and technology requirements, are accounted for in your designs.
  • Work with design, research, and testing teams to weave new insights from prototypes into final, production-ready designs.
  • Lead and collaborate with prototype suppliers to achieve high standards for design integrity, engineering quality, and efficiency.
  • Participate in cross-functional strategy, timing, and process decisions.


  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Industrial Design, Technical Design, or a related advanced production design field with 5+ years of working experience.
  • Design, technical knowledge, and working experience related to all phases of the development process including ideation, prototyping, testing, manufacturing, and assembly.
  • High level of skill producing, interpreting, and working with technical drawings and operating industry-standard drafting and design tools.
  • Experience working directly with suppliers in the development and prototyping of store designs or related physical customer experiential environments, as well as leading prototyping and fabrication vendors. Highly creative, self-motivated, and enjoy independently running multiple parallel-path projects.

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