Thursday, September 28, 2017

AA Visiting School Madrid - Oct 13-23, 2017

Oct 13-23, 2017

Trans-computational Membranes 5.0 will continue exploring computational design methods through digital-analog experimentation. With the focus on flexible materials, AA Visiting School has developed large-scale pavilions and installations for the last three years, seamlessly integrating physical simulations into the design process. 

This has facilitated the development of Open Source generative digital design tools, enabling the digital manipulation of flexible materials. This year’s workshop will continue further with this research, deploying advanced fabrication into digital design tools. 

Workshop participants will not only explore new design methods but also adopt novel manufacturing techniques, focusing on robotic fabrication of flexible structures. AA Visiting School Madrid 2017 will expand its domain from the digital to the physical in a seamless workflow, where design and fabrication not only coexist but also interweave at every step.

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